Old West Cowboy Town

Native American Tipi's

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Garth Gopal

What an amazing experience. My family and I were truly impressed from the first second we entered this realm of an entirely unique cultural order! Not only does the physical structures and ornaments contribute to the re-creation but the spiritual aura that this place exudes is absolutely incredible. It's aura induces a peace and serenity that is rarely found in today's age. Even in the pitch black of night, the atmosphere is clean. The environment also forced us to tap into our hidden attributes of living and merge with mother nature. This experience goes far beyond my initial expectations and even though it was short-lived, it had all of us spellbound and we leave with sore hearts but refreshed. Sapata, Xultana, Wahuna, Enola, Keuda, Upony, Snow and Mother (Luciano, Garth, Laetitia, Ryan, Leals, Kiara, Lane & Pauline. PS: Fang, I hope our paths will cross again in later days!!